How to Sell Homes Fast in St. John's

How to Sell Homes Fast in St. John's, Newfoundland

We have all heard there are only 3 factors that determine if and when a home sells: Price, Condition, and Location it’s not that this isn't true; it’s just not the whole truth! You can have the greatest product or service in the world if people don't know it exists it does not matter. You need to get your property in front of the people who can and want to promote it, here are some tips to help make that happen

Make it easy for them to get in

If people can’t get into your home when they want to view it, they will more than likely move on. Time is not always on the Buyers side, they have busy schedules as well, they may be on a house hunting trip, and as a rule, feel that if your home is on the market it should be ready to view when they want to view. If you must have restriction on when people can view, you have a small child, or operate a home business such as a daycare, be upfront. Indicate it in the write up on the property or let your agent know to tell parties that inquire that they can't view at specific times.

Market to the right people

252.JPGYou not only need to market to the Buyer directly you also need to be marketing to the Agents.  I have sold many homes to buyers that they had dismissed, prior to viewing for any number of reasons.  Their friends had heard negative things about the neighbourhood; they heard the house was in disrepair,

The street was too busy, etc. 

Agents need a reason to go to bat for you.  I Sold this house in 24 hours and got multiple offers, I had 50 plus agents through the 1st day it was listed  .  Holding an agents open house the first week you are listed can increase traffic 10 fold.  Like a car dealer selling a car offering the right incentives will increase viewings.



Make your home Pop

You don’t have to spend a ton of money getting your home ready for sale, but you do want to make sure you maximize its positive features.  Simple things like Lighting, Opening windows before a viewing to let fresh air through the house, and making sure your closets are not packed to the rafters can make a big difference in how potential buyer view your home.  A well staged home will sell on average in 30 days versus an un-staged home taking 90 days.

For additional information on marketing your home contact Gene Lye, Remax Realty Specialsts.

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